Why Do the D.C. Scholars Program?



Since 2006, the Cal State DC program has offered students opportunities to study and intern in our nation's capital. Through our program, students earn academic credit while interning in Washington.   Many of our program alumni turned their Cal State DC experience into a thriving career in our nation's capital while others have taken this experience to enhance their further education and/or career opportunities in government, business, entertainment, and other industries all over the world.

Internships can be with nonprofits, advocacy groups, congressional offices, executive agencies, museums, security firms, business groups, political parties, artistic organizations, news and media companies, and a variety of other offices in and around Washington, D.C.

Juniors, seniors, and graduate students from ALL MAJORS are encouraged to apply. Students from other CSU campuses are eligible to apply for the Summer program only. The program is neither partisan nor ideological and welcomes students from all political persuasions.

Below you will find information and links to additional information about the application process, the courses, internship opportunities, financial aid, and housing information.



Stephen J. Stambough, Director     sstambough@fullerton.edu

Meriem Doucette, Deputy Director mdoucette@fullerton.edu

Program Email     dcinterns@fullerton.edu


2020 Faculty


Professor Kathryn Buechel     kbuechel@fullerton.edu


Dr. Pam Fiber-Ostrow.    pfiber@fullerton.edu

Dr. Shelly Arsneault        sarsneault@fullerton.edu


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