Program Costs 

The primary costs include tuition, room and board, and transportation to and from DC.

Housing for Spring semester is approximately $4,000, while housing for Summer is approximately $3,000.

Tuition for Spring is exactly the same as if you were taking the classes on the CSU Fullerton campus.

Living expenses vary according to your lifestyle; recent past DC Scholars have reported between $1,500 (summer) and $2,000 (spring).

In summer, all students must register and pay tuition and fees through Cal State Fullerton Summer Session or Open University (for other CSU student participants).

Round-trip airfare is approximately $450-$550.

Similar programs often charge thousands of dollars more.

Student should contact   for exact information about costs, available scholarships, and financial support.

Although financial assistance is available, interested students are encouraged to prepare and save for such a program and treat it as an investment in their future.