We are proud of our program alumni and thrilled that Cal State DC has been an important part of their career development.  Our alumni work inside and outside of government and are all over the world.  Many fell in love with Washington, D.C. and are still there making a difference on the Hill, in Executive Agencies, in the Judiciary, and in many advocacy groups, non-profits, media, and other organizations.  Below are just a few testimonials.


Kelly Kim Sewell

Kelly Kim Sewell.  

Human Capital Communications Specialists, USDOI.  Internship: U.S. Department of the Interior – Summer 2011

  "The Cal State DC Scholars program helped jumpstart my career in public service. During the summer 2011, I applied my background in public administration and community development toward an internship at Department of the Interior’s Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement (OSMRE).  The same office hired me as a federal employee and offered numerous opportunities to advance my career. I owe all of my professional success to the career and academic support the DC Scholars provided me."


Leo Otero

Leandro Otero.   

Managing Director, Talent & Partnerships at Teach For America Los Angeles.  Internship:  USDA--Summer 2007.

"Looking back over a decade ago, I would say that Cal State DC was one of my most transformational experiences I had during my time in college. I was able to gain so much insight on the functions of our government and learned important lessons about relationship building and networking."


Alexa Flores Headshot

Alexa Flores.  

 District Field Representative for a California State Senator

"As a result of taking part in Cal State DC I learned the importance of networking. Prior to my experience I did not know how or why I should network, but after spending a summer on the Hill I learned. It also taught me how to make myself stand out and take advantage of all opportunities.